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In this podcast, artists talk about how they got into music, their current songs and future projects. They introduce their favorite bands and present their musical equipment.

You can find a video to this podcast on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwrhNgSlyM8&list=PL8p23eQ_zStWcsifbSHdPE-8s4Npo5okB

Summer Dance Project is a music project based in Hannover, Germany.

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How to Prepare for a Live Show / Pistacho Beats (Monterrey, Mexico)

Zusammenfassung The Music Talk (Artists, Singers and Bands interviewed by Summer Dance  Project) / Today:  Pistacho Beats (Monterrey, Mexico) speaks about how  he started with music. He is a guitar player. He speaks about his live  gig on a festival in italy he was invited to.  He explained also how he  prepared for the concert.…

How to start a band as a teenager / STEEVM (Vienna, Austria)

Today: STEEVM (Vienna, Austria) The Music Talk / Today: STEEVM (Vienna, Austria) speaks about how he programmed first music on an Amstrad/Schneider CPC 464 PC  as a child, how he started a band as a teenager, how he began with creating his own  music. STEEVM presents his home studio and his guitar collection.  He speaks…

Meet our host

Summer Dance Project

is a Music Project based in Hannover, Germany. Their music is influenced by genres New Wave, Pop, Rock, EDM, Dance and electronic and bands like Simple Minds, The House Of Love, Depeche Mode, Plan B Berlin and artists like Daft Punk, Phunk Investigation, The Weeknd, twocolors or Robin Schulz. Spotify Artist Profile: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1eouV0vWZzKYMUPiRzNQm4